Infinix Note 11 Gcam Port

The Infinix Note 11 is a perfect camera Android smartphone. Many features of the camera have been given in this mobile. But there is some drawback to the camera of this phone, which will complete the Gcam Port application. Recently Gcam Port APK has been released for Infinix Note 11 Smartphone. Which you can install and use on your phone.

Installing the Gcam Port application in Infinix Note 11 will increase its camera quality as we know that many mobile companies downgrade the camera quality of mobiles through software updates. But the camera quality of your Infinix Note 11 will never go down by installing this application.

What is Gcam Port?

Gcam Port is an application that enhances the camera quality of any Android smartphone so that the phone’s photos and videos are good. This application is officially released by the Google company, and later it is also made as MOD APK for all Android phones.

Infinix Note 11 Gcam Port Download | Latest Google Camera

Infinix Note 11 Gcam Port

The download link of the Gcam Port application for Infinix Note 11 will be given here. This link is the direct download link of google drive. The file that will be given here will be absolutely safe.

Device NameInfinix Note 11
App NameGcam Port
Last Update1 day ago
Gcam Port [Latest]Download Now
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Infinix Note 11 Gcam Port v.8.8  Top Features

GCam (Google Camera) is a camera application developed by Google for All Android Phones. However, third-party developers have created “ports” of the app for Infinix Note 11. The latest version of the GCam port (version 8.8) comes with several new and updated features, including:

  1. Astrophotography mode: This mode allows you to capture stunning night sky shots, including stars, galaxies, and more.
  2. Improved Night Sight mode: Night Sight is Google’s low-light photography feature that allows you to take bright and clear photos in low-light conditions. The latest version of GCam has improved this mode even further.
  3. New UI design: The user interface of GCam has been updated with a cleaner and more streamlined design.
  4. Updated video stabilization: The latest version of GCam includes updated video stabilization, which allows you to capture smoother, more stable video footage in Infinix Note 11.
  5. Improved HDR+: HDR+ is Google’s high dynamic range (HDR) photography feature that allows you to capture photos with more detail and color in Infinix Note 11. The latest version of GCam has improved this feature even further.
  6. Dual exposure controls: This feature allows you to adjust the brightness and shadows of a photo separately, giving you greater control over the final image in Infinix Note 11.
  7. Quick access to Zoom: The latest version of GCam allows Infinix Note 11 Phones to quickly switch between the different zoom levels by tapping on the viewfinder.
  8. Lens Blur: This feature allows you to create a shallow depth of field effect, which blurs the background of a photo and brings the subject into focus in Infinix Note 11 Phone.
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Overall, the latest version of GCam offers several new and improved features that make it one of the best camera apps for Infinix Note 11.

How to install Gcam port on Infinix Note 11

To install the Gcam port in Infinix Note 11, first of all, we have to check whether Infinix Note 11 has Camera2api support or not. For this, we have to install the Manual Camera Compatibility application on our phone from Play Store.

Step 1: Check Camera2api on Infinix Note 11

  • Download Manual Camera Compatibility App From Play Store>Open App>Click on Start>See Test Result.

After installing the application you should have green ticks on all the camera tests below. If for some reason there is a red tick in any camera test, then the Gcam port in your phone will not work properly. Camera2api

  1. Manual Focus
  2. Manual White Balance
  3. Manual ISO
  4. Manual Shutter Speed
  5. Raw Support

Step 2: Download and install Google Camera For Infinix Note 11

If there is a green tick on all the options in the camera test, then download the Gcam port application from the above Google Drive link. Before downloading the Gcam port, make sure which version you want to download because we have given the download link for many versions of the Gcam port here. We believe that you should download the latest version only so that you can get the latest features.

  • Go to Download Link>Download APK File>Click on Install>Allow Apps From This Source Enable.
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How to Load Config File on Infinix Note 11

  • You will need to create two folders on the Infinix Note 11 Phone.
  • Create the main “Gcam” folder. and create the second folder (Configs8).
  • Move the .xml file into the Configs8 folder.
  • Open the Gcam Port App and Double click on Empty Area.
  • Select the Config file and “Restore“.


We told you here how you can increase the camera quality of your Infinix Note 11 phone. Also, we told you how you can install the latest Gcam port (Google Camera) on your phone. If you liked this post then do share it with your friends.

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